How to Tell if Your Writing is Improving


It’s hard to tell when your writing is getting better. I’ve previously suffered from a plateau effect in my writing ability. Whether it’s vocabulary issues, pacing problems, or lack of emotion, I feel like my work is always flawed.

But then, there’s no perfect manuscript.

So I wondered… how do you know if you’re improving?

1. Read your old work

Obvious, I guess. Ultimately, you should see improvement. It’s less boring, it’s more interesting, it’s descriptive, it’s emotional, etc. Those elements need to pop out and show you’ve improved.

2. See if you’ve addressed your glaring problems

You should know your weaknesses. Find out if you’ve been working on it via #1.

3. Revisit your old ideas

Try to write an old idea with your new style and technique. It should be easier to see where the strengths of the idea are.

4. Characterization

The most important element in a story is a character. If you have an awful character (i.e. generic) then you have an uninteresting story. Sure, plot is a big deal, but characterization needs to be there. Make sure your stories have improved the characters over time.

I hope that helps!

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