Short Story or Novel?

books-683901_960_720I often share on Twitter the books I find at local book sellers. I love reading, so it felt natural to want to create my own books. I’ve seen recently the push to avoid going to novel writing, and instead sticking with shorter fiction.

While there isn’t anything wrong with short fiction, I really do feel like writing novels. This isn’t some misguided crusade into the glamour of the great American novel, but rather a desire of my own to write long form fiction because I feel the style fits my writing better.

I have written short stories. I just don’t feel as interested in them as I do in writing novels. When I get through a few chapters of writing, and see the wheels begin to turn, and the plot threads start to intersect, there’s something I love about it.

It’s almost like playing a strategy game like Chess or Go. In the end, the entire game is what gets me exhilarated, not just the moves in the game.

Figure out what you like best, not what others expect of you.


Pursuing Your Dreams

realm-of-dreams-28Chasing after the long shot is what made America into what it is today. Entrepreneurs who built businesses, engineers who built bridges, and artists who imagined the future created the future we’re in today.

I sometimes think the division between “wealth” and “dreams” is too wide, unless you desire wealth as your dream. For me, I want to have my work read. I want to be published to the masses and my books to be discussed. I seek readership.

That’s my dream. I think I’ll keep fighting for it.