Book Review: Dying of the Light by George R. R. Martin

51d2bcqtqspl-_sx331_bo1204203200_This book took time to get rolling. I would say the first few pages drew me in, but was stagnant for about forty pages after. It was a tough slog to get through, but well worth it. The characters are interesting, but main draw is the setting. Worlorn is a fascinating world, and the universe it’s set in is darkly beautiful. There was a description in the book of a city of night that played a nihilistic song in the wind. That description itself is evidence of Martin’s skill as a writer.

Going back to the characters, I should mention both the main leads are pretty boring in their own right. Dirk is a blank slate without any real drive or emotion, and Gwen is a stale female lead. Oh, she does the thing where she is strong enough for the boys, but it isn’t executed well and lacks any real goal in mind.

I would say this book is still worth checking out, though, if you like science fiction with intricate world-building. I’m being overly critical because the setting and storytelling is so outrageously good that the failings of the book stand out as unusual. Please, please, read this if you love older science fiction. It’s definitely worth a read.