2017 and Never Feeling “Done” With a Story

I fall into this problem often: I never feel like I’m really done with my story. Recently it’s been the NaNoWriMo novel I made, but it’s happened with shorts in the past. I have no good advice for it, because I still wrestle with it, but maybe you have some suggestions for me?

Beyond that, I wanted to mention my outlook for 2017:

  • July – I’m planning on attending the Cleveland Writing Workshop, but can’t promise anything yet. It sounds like a great time!
  • September – I’m planning on going to Dragoncon this year, mostly because my wife wanted to go to Georgia. I would have also liked to go to Worldcon, but it’s in Helsinki and I can’t afford to go overseas.

I should mention I would have loved to attend more events but I have children and still work full time. A ten day conference or six week writing workshop won’t work for me, just yet.