How to Get Back to Writing After a Break


How do you come back to writing after you take a week (or longer) break?

It’s hard to say. For me, I find the following helps:

  • 1. Read through the last few chapters of what you wrote.

This is how you get back into it. Find what you were working on, and read through it. Hopefully, you find it interesting (I’ll come back t that idea), but if you don’t maybe there’s something salvageable.

  • 2. Do some creative/vocabulary exercises.

I’ve talked about this before, but it’s absolutely true. If you want to get into writing, drawing out your creative and word-crafting abilities can help. Vocabulary choice has always been my weakest element, and it gets me fired up to work on it. I recommend you find what you feel is your weakest element and work on it!

  • 3. Read interesting stories!

The most basic thing I would recommend. Just read something interesting, and if you are an aspiring author/successful writer, you will want to write!

I hope this helps you get back to it. The most important thing to being a writer is writing.



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