Book Review: Warship by Joshua Dalzelle

24292492I normally review traditionally published books, specifically reading works from Orbit, Tor, or Baen. But today I want to write about something I read that was seemingly self-published. The author, Joshua Dalzelle seems to have some military experience, so his work echoes that knowledge on the page.

Warship is about a ship called the Blue Jacket and their attempts to go about their last voyage. Captain Jackson receives a new XO from an antagonistic Admiral Winters.

While on their last voyage, they encounter destroyed planets and a possible alien ship, the first of its kind. The book centers around Captain Jackson’s attempts to confront this alien ship in a game of cat and mouse.

This book is entertaining and fun. It’s written pretty well, and contains in it a compelling story. I don’t necessarily like the ending, but the book explained it well. The politics and characters are more interesting than anything, and the book reminds me very much of Master and Commander.

All-in-all I’d recommend it for fans of ship-based science fiction. Dalzelle is a fine author and could easily have gotten this published conventionally if he wanted to.


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