When To Completely Rewrite

2349630643_712c43496bIt’s almost tragic. You write an entire chapter or short story and realize it hasn’t panned out. You try to revise it and change it up, but it feels like a waste.

At what point do you scrap what you have and completely rewrite?

For me, the moment comes when you realize a revision would basically change the entire manuscript anyways. If that’s the case, then a complete rewrite would take just as much effort and most likely clean it up.

I was working on a short story of mine, but I realized no matter how much I revised it, it was too disjointed and cluttered. There was too much going on. I couldn’t specifically slash entire sections, either. It was easier to simply start from scratch with the idea fresh in my mind.

Consider this decision carefully as you write. Sometimes it’s a good idea to do a complete rewrite, but sometimes it’s better to save what you have, however much.


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