Finding a Home for Your Writing

once-upon-a-time-719174_960_720Submissions can be nerve-racking, tedious work. Even when you think you’ve done everything right you’ll get a rejection letter (or email as is more common these days) telling you that your story wasn’t published.

It’s frustrating, especially when you look up to the places you submit to.

But don’t despair! Being a writer means having to deal with critique and rejection. These elements of the path of writing are required before success.

A suggestion would be to find a place for your writing. Where would what you’ve written fit? Where would readers benefit from your perspective?

You wouldn’t submit a horror story to a high fantasy magazine, so why would you submit something about grand war strategy to a publication known for individual emotions?

Know where you’re submitting to before you submit. Find a home for your tales; there’s a place!


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