Revising Your Work

It’s hard to go back over something you’ve written time and again, even when you know it’s necessary.

“It’s already good,” you tell yourself, condemning your work to be stillborn.

Stories should be read, and should be written. You need to rework and revise them in order to make them shine. The analogy of the coal and the diamond is always a valuable one (especially once it’s a diamond).

It isn’t just about if a story sounds good, though. You have to think about what an editor is looking for if you’re trying to go that route. Look them up and find out what their annoyances are. If they hate passive voice (and who doesn’t?) then tweak things in your story. My story was written with removing passive voice in mind.

That was a joke.

(But also interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever intentionally written in passive voice before.)


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