Writing as Therapy


It’s obvious to some, and completely alien to others, that writing can be an act of therapy. I often use my writing to deal with situations that I’ve experienced in life. Not necessarily trauma, but unhappy or upsetting memories. We all have them.

It is important to not dwell on these things, however. And that’s the benefit of writing. Through writing you create something, then leave it for a while to simmer, and come back to reread and fix it. The dish must not get cold, but likewise it shouldn’t be prodded repeatedly throughout its natural course. A skilled chef prepares these dishes with purpose and intention, flipping when it is appropriate, and seasoning with the right flavor profile. So too a skilled writer can create something beautiful from 26 letters and assorted symbols.

I’ve dealt with situations in anger and shock that I now churn into a usable prose, words that express some meaning to me and convey the emotions I felt. I’m by no means a master writer, and I will never consider myself one, but I am a writer nonetheless. These words arranged on white provide more color to me than anything else I could create.


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