Writing When You Don’t Want To

It’s easy to tell you to write every day. The problem is that you sometimes don’t feel like it.

Earlier tonight I came home from work having gone out with coworkers to network. I still wanted to write, though, so I left right when I was supposed to. The problem is, I felt exhausted.

It’s hard to push yourself to write when you just don’t feel it. I find it hard to even focus on the task, even though I love doing it.

Don’t push yourself to write if you’re going to write terribly (but sometimes I write well when I feel crappy). It takes some getting used to, but eventually you can tell when you’re actually productive/creative and when you’re failing to be coherent.

Learn how you can write when you feel poorly, and start to use that. Sometimes it won’t work, but if you know yourself, you know when you’re able to write.

I try to write every day, but some days I have to skip. Some days it just wouldn’t be productive!


Edit: grammar and spelling.


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